Denkplan is inspired by existing methods and concepts. Denkplan has taken these methods and concepts in the strategic business context, combined them, enriched them and developed them into something new. The most important are:

SokratesMapConcept by Sokrates Group

SocratesMapConcept (SMC) was developed by Thomas Braun. According to Thomas Braun, the SMC is the starting method in the canon of methods of general morphology. It forms a visual communication foundation that makes change visible and controllable through shared understanding. If you would like to get to know the benefits of the SocratesMapConcept, we are be happy to recommend working with the SokratesGroup.

Morphological analysis

The morphological box is a systematic procedure to approach complicated and complex questions in a structured way and to work out, identify and transfer thematic fields into new solution spaces.

User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton

User Story Mapping is a methodology developed by Jeff Patton. It supports the transparency and common understanding of the problem to be solved and the product to be developed in a product development process. We recommend the book “User Story Mapping” by Jeff Patton.


Kanban is a methodology to make process, value or work flows transparent. It was developed in Japan by the Toyota Motor Corporation. On the subject of Kanban, we would like to mention the book “Kanban“ by David J. Anderson.


Lean agile values and principles

Lean agile values and principles form the mental foundation on which the thinking plan is built. Complementary, well-structured information is available here.