Denkplan - the method

Denkplan is a method to visualize the complexity of the organisation clearly and comprehensibly, to present strategy in a tangible way, to prioritize projects in strategic fields of action and finally, to break them down to the task at hand for teams and employees. If the focus shifts, due to market or the company changes, Denkplan can be easily adapted. Denkplan helps you to keep the overview, to track the progress and to take the employees as participants on the journey of the company.

Create your strategic ImpactMap

Standing together in front of the ImpactMap, management and employees develop an overall picture of the organisation. Where do our strengths lie? Where is there still a need to catch up? What are the most important strategic fields of action? They identify previously hidden connections and recognise dependencies. They determine the strategic fields of action that create value and from these they derive the most important concrete plans for the near future. In this way, employees are transformed from affected parties to participants, without the management losing control.

Identify and prioritise Fields of Action (FoA)

The jointly defined strategic Fields of Action and projects from the ImpactMap are visualized on the portfolio board. For each strategic FoA, the individual action steps – so-called initiatives – are formulated. The higher up an initiative is placed, the more urgent it is. The priority of the initiatives can be specified so that a consensus can be reached on what should be achieved in the short, medium and long term. This creates an overall transparency that increases focus and flexibility.

Keep the big picture in mind

The portfolio kanban with the identified initiatives supports the pull into implementation, serves for prioritization and fine-tuning via dependencies and capacity. It also acts as a feedback instrument for the pull system. In a pull system, the teams chose their tasks instead of being assigned to them. In this way the teams take ownership of their initiatives.
The kanban board allows you to visualize the current status of all initiatives at any point in time. The goal of the Kanban Board is to set focus, ensure flow, avoid waiting times and minimize the lead time of initiatives. This type of progress tracking can be applied and is comprehensible at all levels of abstraction – from strategy to team and back again.

Employees as participants

Employees and teams help shape the initiatives and thus understand the meaningfulness of the tasks. How does their work contribute to our journey as an organization? How does the piece of the puzzle fit into the overall structure? What is my personal contribution? Why is my work valuable? In this way, everyone is actively involved in change and strategy implementation. Denkplan provides the overview that shows the progress in the strategic FoA and initiatives and enables flexible actions.


We believe that transparency, consistency and flexibility make companies successful.


A visual, simple system for business planning with minimal bureaucracy: transparent, agile, iterative, communicative, consensus and feedback oriented.


Simplicity of methodology and instruments, smart feedback mechanisms and consistency ensure broad support for the company strategy.