Analogue is the new digital

Using an analogue strategy, portfolio and task board, i.e. actually working with paper, is comprehensible to everyone. In the truest sense of the word. An analogue board on the wall is a haptic experience. Team members can touch the boards and move them by hand.
Toyota has been working with Kanban much longer than there are computers. The first cards were certainly made by hand.

Transparency lived and applied

We can thus start the thought plan process in the same way. The advantages are obvious: set-up times are zero. Apart from a nice handwriting, you don’t need anything. Besides, it is technically not very demanding. Everything is consistently visible to everyone. At the start of the day, on the way to the coffee machine or the meeting room.

The Denkplan Toolbox

With the Denkplan Toolbox you can map out your strategy on A0, physically set up your portfolio and kanban board, so that each employee can see how his or her task or work contributes to the strategy. Analogue, fun and practical, in a suitcase format with rewritable cards.

The Denkplan toolbox


  • 1 Impact Map A0
  • 20 “Fields of action” cards
  • 90 “Initiatives” cards
  • 1 “Evaluation criteria” card
  • 5 cards “Kanban status”
  • 4 cards “Kanban Criteria”
  • 2 pens
  • Evaluation points
  • Adhesive tape

Intended use

Create your strategy map, build your portfolio and kanban board – together & haptically.