The idea

It was clear to the founders from the very beginning: the idea of the Denkplan should be accessible to everyone. Everyone with an interest in strategy and flexible implementation should be able to participate in the use, dissemination and further development of Denkplan. Community & Sharing with collaborative shared knowledge development.. “This is why we founded the Denkplan association,” says Philipp Stalder, president of the association.


The Denkplan association brings together experts and interested parties from industry, consulting and training companies, science and other organisations or associations. We exchange information on the topics of strategy, lean portfolio, project and task management and are committed to the further development and quality assurance of the Denkplan model. Our common interest: to promote strategy work in organisations.

The Denkplan community

The association Denkplan is open to individuals and organisations alike. Associations can delegate representatives to the association.
Keen to join in? Then contact us by email and tell us briefly and concisely why and how you would like to support the association. We will contact you immediately and give you further information, for example on membership fees – they vary and depend on whether you register as an individual or as an organisation. Our board will then decide on your application.


If you’d rather take a first glimpse, you’ll find various events under Workshop & Courses, where you can meet members of the association and learn more about Denkplan.