Understanding the method and the procedure

We regularly give an insight into the method in workshops and mini-events. Here you get to know the structure of the impact map, define fields of action, how to prioritise projects on the portfolio board of our sample company and maintain the Kanban.

Practical thanks to a sample case

Our work is practice-oriented and hands-on. Analog and digital. In our workshops and trainings you can experience and design your own Denkplan in real time, using an example case.

Facilitated by the Denkplan founders

The association and its members would like to pass on their knowledge and get you excited about Denkplan. Our workshops and trainings take place in small groups, with a Denkplan founding member by your side.


Workshops and mini-events take place regularly at our partners’ premises. Here you will get to know the Thinking Plan method and its elements. Together we evaluate the impact map and recognise dependencies. You will see how you can develop strategic areas of action into individual projects and implement them in a value-based prioritisation in a healthy flow.


In training sessions that last several days, our Denkplan partners will give you a practical and well- founded insight into the Denkplan method. In this Denkplan training you will learn the basic principles, methods and techniques for developing a strategy with your company. The training offers space for concrete cases and contributions from the participants. The reference to your own practice and its discussion is an integral part of the course.

Upcoming workshops & trainings

Remote Denkplan Inspiration Workshop @Pragmatic Solutions

In the online Denkplan Inspiration Workshop at our partner Pragmatic Solutions you will get to know the elements of Denkplan and can apply them directly in a practice case. You experience Denkplan in action.

  • Duration: 2h
  • Remote

Denkplan Mini-Workshop @DoDifferent

At the mini-workshop of our partner DoDifferent you will get an insight into the method Denkplan as well as the Denkplan software, which DoDifferent has developed. Interactive, fun and analogue.

  • Duration: 2h
  • In Zürich-Wiedikon